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Added 11 May, 2018

Now Fitbit will share data directly with your doctor

In an effort to significantly raise its profile in the health care field, Fitbit is partnering with Google to improve its ability to share data with medical professionals. The fitness wearable manufacturer will adopt the recently revealed Google Cloud for Healthcare to make sharing fitness and health data safe, easy, and, hopefully, secure. For Fitbit, this marks the company’s much anticipated move into the broader health care market. It will allow customers to quickly and conveniently share health data with doctors and others in the health care community. It’s also a bid to compete with other wearable manufacturers such as Apple, which already has its own Carekit platform in place on the Apple Watch.
Google’s fledgling Cloud Healthcare service will provide Fitbit users with an online repository to store their data and includes integration with electronic medical record systems. A specially developed dashboard interface will allow users to view the data, but more importantly, it will give doctors the ability to remotely monitor a patient’s condition, check in on fitness levels, and request appointments.

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