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Added 6 February, 2021

Mushrooms are trending on lots of 2021 food lists

Media, retailers and influencers are listing mushrooms as the next food trend in high numbers With nutrition being top of mind for today’s consumers, health professionals are praising mushrooms for their nutritional benefits. On The TODAY Show’s recent segment sharing the top nutrition and fitness trends for 2021, anchor Savannah Guthrie asked, “Is there any vegetable that’s really up and coming this year?” Registered Dietitian Nora Minno explained the one produce item that is “going to be everywhere in 2021…is the mushroom.” Furthermore, “People are really starting to take note of their functional benefits. They have lots of antioxidants and vitamins.” Flavor & the Menu, an influential foodservice publication, predicts that ingredients and menu items that support immunity will remain popular in 2021, explaining that “Consumers have suited up, becoming more aware of the vitamins and nutrients that can reinforce their immune systems.” Pam Smith, RDN, told Flavor & the Menu, “Mushrooms are flying off the shelves at grocery stores because they’re a natural source of vitamin D. Salmon is another. Awareness of the importance of vitamin D for immune support is up, so build a dish that sounds like comfort, but brings in power ingredients like these.’”.

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