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Added 17 May, 2013

Are you hip to the slow coffee trend?

Modern coffee culture is becoming complex and arcane. Forget drip versus espresso. To appreciate the new bean scene fully, you have to know a caturra and from a maragogype – two of several natural heirloom descendents from the ancient typica and bourbon varietals of the original coffee Arabica species. Slow coffee is the new foodie fetish. It’s biggest in Portland and San Francisco. Two of the biggest names are Stumptown and Intelligentsia, where rather than sourcing from mysterious farms and blurring his beans into enigmatic blends, they enjoy direct trade with farmers Connoisseurs tend to gravitate to higher acidity, cleaner coffees. In short, the higher the acidity, the higher the demand, the higher the price.
M.C Mooch
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