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Added 27 November, 2013

In Germany, cemetery cafes are trending

Some people think that graveyards are relaxing and bucolic. That seems to be the ethos behind the trend in German cities to locate cafes in cemeteries. While some customers are there because they are visiting dead relatives, most come for the atmosphere. Café Strauss in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin encourages patrons to fire up their laptops over a latte, while gazing at tombs and headstones. At Café Fritz in Hamburg there are regular live music concerts and art exhibitions. According to Olga and Martin Strauss, the proprietors of their namesake cafe in Berlin, the cafe has raised nearby real estate values as people are now looking to buy cemetery plots that can be seen from the cafe's terrace. Are cemetery cafes a growing trend? They are becoming so popular, the joke might go, that people are dying to get in.
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