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Added 12 May, 2015

Shazam for wine puts a sommelier in your pocket

A large number of apps, websites and tech gadgets we're seeing lately all share one thing in common: they help us make sense of the world around us. They give us information about the things we interact with and they make us smarter by making us wiser. If you’re a wine drinker you’ve probably wished at some point or another that you were a little more educated about all the varieties and regionals that are out there. Many of us have our favorite wines, but really breaking into the wine world can be a monumental task. What if you could “shazam” any wine label and discover all of its essential qualities? The new app Delectable does just that, identifying almost all the world's wines by simply scanning a bottle. Would-be connoisseurs can use the app to categorize wines by region or style, and keep a record of likes and dislikes to build a record of the types of wine you like to drink. Now practically anyone can become a sommelier.

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