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Added 1 October, 2013

User's manual mobile app can visually identify hundreds of car parts

Luxury car manufacturers are perpetual leaders when it comes to debuting new automotive technologies. From keyless ignitions to LED headlamps, things that are now considered standard on lesser vehicles all got their start on the high end before trickling down. So what's next? The German brand Audi has dramatically improved the standard user's manual by making it smart and mobile-friendly. Now owners of the A1 and A3 models can open the app and simply point their camera phone at any one of almost 300 different parts to identify it and get instructions on how it operates. Built-in Augmented Reality (AR) technology will even overlay instructions onto the part in question to show you how to work all those confusing dials visually, in real time. As this technology improves, we can even envision the app communicating with your car via Bluetooth to tell you what needs fixing or changing. Watch this space.
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