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Added 13 July, 2015

Control your mobile device by wiggling your fingers

Regular WikiTrend readers know that we’ve got the recent voice activation trend covered. Fact is, people are looking for ways to make their lives simpler, freeing themselves from the constraints and inconveniences of standard input devices, like keyboards. One of the most creative answers to this challenge we've seen lately is Ring ZERO From the Japanese start-up Logbar. Meant to be worn on a finger, Ring ZERO is a Bluetooth enabled remote control that allows users to activate their mobile devices through the use of hand gestures. Slip on the ring, start wiggling your fingers and you'll look very much like a wizard as you answer phone calls, write text messages and more. Gestures don't offer the same ease that simply speaking to devices does, but both ideas are part of the larger trend towards integrating technology with our physical selves.

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