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Added 21 April, 2015

Customized clothing will be the norm for everyone

3D printing is helping to drive a long-term trend towards personalization and customization that can give everyone exactly what they want. Because it is so personal to begin with, fashion has long been at the frontline of personalization. And the epitome of personalization when it comes to apparel has always been bespoke goods: one-offs that are made exclusively for one wearer alone. Until now, bespoke suits, shoes, cufflinks and the like have been the exclusive domain of the rich. But now, technology is changing all that. One shoe company, or as they have it, "digital cobbler" called Feetz is inviting beta testers to try an app that allows users to take photos of their feet, customize their own shoe designs, and order a pair of 3D printed shoes that are tailored to fit. This innovative offering allows for full customization and, if all goes well, a perfect fit, all while taking a trip to the shoe store out of the picture. We are seeing the start of an age in which customized clothing will be the norm for everyone, and the end to disposable shoe store socks.

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