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Added 31 August, 2022

Public toilets give each user a cleanliness rating

Call it Shame of Thrones

A Maryland-based startup called Throne Labs thinks it has the answer to the lack of public and clean bathrooms in cities. That answer? App-based public restrooms that only let you in with a QR code — and which track if you've left a mess behind. "Very few people create issues in [public] bathrooms, don’t respect that amenity, and then ruin it for the majority," said Throne Labs COO Jessica Heinzelman. First, users will have to download an app and scan a QR code to get in — to be fair, not exactly something you'd want to deal with if you really needed to go. But the most noteworthy innovation here would be an Uber-style accountability system that not only asks users to provide feedback on any given toilet's cleanliness, but will contribute to their personal "Throne score" as well. The bathroom is even smart enough to tell if you've been hogging the bowl for too long thanks to built in weight sensors.

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