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Added 15 October, 2013

In the future, your mobile device will have a screen that lets you feel as well as see

Disney Research, the R&D arm of the Disney Corporation, has developed a touch screen that you can not only touch, but feel. What is fascinating about this is that the screen can simulate the feel of physical objects without changing shape. What?! According to the company, when your finger slides along the surface of the screen, slight vibrations can simulate the sensation of a physical object. By varying the vibration as your finger moves along, you have the sense that you are feeling textures that, taken together, create a physical object. Like so many technological inventions these days, especially in the mobile sector, it is unclear how this will eventually be used by regular people. But like so many mobile apps, developers will come up with ideas that the technology's original inventors never dreamed of. Trend watchers: How would you use this technology? What would you want to feel on your phone? Head over to our Twitter page and let us know!
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