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Added 4 April, 2014

3D printing takes to the water in a boat of many colors

The latest in an ever lengthening list of inventions coming out of 3D printers is a kolidescopic Kayak from Jim Smith at Grass Roots Engineering that has to be paddled to be believed. Catching the imaginatiions of Makers everywhere, the Kayak is a shave under 17-feet long and comprised of ABS plastic, brass threaded inserts, and machine screws - with just a dash of silicone caulk. It cost around USD $500 to make. Jim modified his large scale 3D printer so that it would print the various parts of the kayak inside a heated chamber, in such a way they would neither warp nor crack. The result is a Technicolor dream boat comprised of 28 sections. On the bow and stern are attach points for cameras, handles and possible future add-ons. Like 3D printing itself, this boat is just starting to sail.

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