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Added 28 October, 2017

German postal workers get delivery-support robots

Deutsche Post, a DHL group, has been chosen as test site for delivery robot that would accompany mail deliverers on their routes, PostBOT. This smart robot is a self-propelled electric robot that carries all mail items. PostBot is able to carry up to 6 post trays, releasing carriers from that heavy loads, at the same time, it also frees up the deliverer’s hands, making them easier to distribute those mails. If this pilot project was successful, it would be highly possible that we can see this robot in the street, supporting mail deliverers with their physically demanding work. Everyday delivery staff has to perform outstanding and exhausting work. The company has been searching for new solutions to make that physically challenging work easier for workers as they continue to age. They have used different kinds of technology to solve this problem such as the use of e-bikes and e-trikes for postal deliveries, and now we can see there’s an innovative robot to further enhance the delivery process. PostBOT is tested for the city of Bad Hersfeld, Mayor Thomas Fehling was really pleased that Deutsche Post chose the city as PostBOT premiere. He said that this program fit perfectly with his Smart City program.

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