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Added 3 October, 2013

Wearable computers now track your entire life

Just as mobile phones are slowly incorporating all manner of other personal electronics into their software to become all-in-one devices, wearable computers are headed in that same direction. The first devices, like the Nike Fuel Band, are concerned with monitoring a single aspect of wearers' lives, like activity levels. Now we're starting to see gadgets like the SENSE-U that monitor physical activity as well as sleep patterns and posture to create a more comprehensive picture of your general health. In addition, the monitor incorporates falling down and inactivity detection for elder people, and can send a warning message to family members. Personal monitors will undoubtedly get even more sensitive and pervasive and become an integral part of many people's lives. So, while it's hard to say exactly where this trend will end up, we can definitively say that it will continue to get more so.
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