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Added 2 September, 2013

Wearable tech trend: Now monitoring babies

Wearable technology is all the rage these days, what with new smart watches and biofeedback devices coming down the pike, this will be the Big Story of 2014. Getting an early jump on the trend is the Owlet Vitals Monitor, a device worn on a baby's leg that continuously lets parents see breathing and heart rate right on their mobile device. In addition, the Owlet monitors skin temperature and oxygen levels, and sends out a "roll over alert" should your child turn face down, a situation that is implicated in sudden infant death syndrome. Is all this a bit much? Does it encourage helicopter parenting to the extreme? For those who have healthy babies, probably so. But the fact that this monitor is being marketed at all, is a testament to the strength of the wearable technology trend in general.
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