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Added 19 September, 2013

Wearable Computing: Smart sleep mask

Wearable computing and biometrics are huge trends and we are seeing lots of products, like watches and helmets that help wearers track their activity. Several apps already purport to track sleep, but none are as technically advanced as the Zizz sleep mask, a technology-packed eye shade that aims to help wearers sleep less and more effectively. Tracking REM phases, the mask wakes you up after the last one in the cycle, which the creators claim will make you feel rested and full of energy. The rule is this:. When you wake up after the REM phase, you feel energetic. When you wake up in deeper sleep, you feel sleepy. The mask gets to "know" your own personal rhythms, records your sleep data, and helps you to analyze and optimize your sleep. The trend is clear: We will soon be monitoring every part of our lives in an attempt to live better, healthier, longer and more productively.
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