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Added 8 March, 2020

Telepresence robots are rolling out in hospitals

Telepresence is an important trend for healthcare in 2020. As an administrator and/or physician, you may already use it for remote applications, such as consultations with patients and specialists. But adding robotics as a facet of your telepresence strategy can be a lot easier to implement than it may seem — and a lot less expensive, too. Telepresence robots are essentially computers on wheels:their "faces" are often screens to display data or to serve as a video conduit for a physician to remotely talk with a patient or colleague. According to market research, the global medical robotic systems market is expected to surge to $10.7 billion by 2026. In a hospital setting, telepresence robots move freely and independently. They can help patients at their bedsides, aid in rehab, transport supplies to nurses or ORs, disinfect rooms, and assist in lab automation, among other uses.

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