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Added 17 September, 2017

In the USA, vintage camper-trailers are trending

From millennials who may have no introduction to baby boomers reliving their youth, the vintage trailer culture is a multigenerational trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

There seem to be as many theories for why renovating retro campers has gone mainstream as there are people who own them. No doubt Mary Jane Butters’ popular 2012 book “Glamping” helped, but others have nodded to the whole tiny living movement, the rise in housing costs and the satisfaction of unplugging in this techno-takeover world we live in — not to mention how restoring a small trailer is a simpler do-it-yourself project than tackling a brick-and-mortar house. Masonites are an excellent representation of how these trailers are a part of living history. Predominantly referred to as “tin cans” for their aluminum exterior, trailers were frequently skinned in hardboard during World War II when aluminum was scarce.

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