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Added 2 August, 2015

In the UK, selling only sustainable fish is going citywide

While the trend toward sustainable food practices is now firmly entrenched in our collective psyche, the reality is that in many areas, like fish, commitments to sustainability are few and far between. Many of the industry's largest harvesters and purchasers are still looking the other way. But this is not the case everywhere. England is now coming out as a leader in the sustainable fish trend in the form of an alliance called Sustainable Fish Cities that aims to enlighten entire communities and change their habits wholesale. Inspired by commitments to sustainability that were initially made running up to the 2012 London Olympics, the organization encourages major institutions to serve only sustainable fish and the cities of Bournemouth and Poole have now been the first to be recognized as “sustainable fish cities.” The designation requires commitments from all of the city's schools, hospitals, and other public bodies, as well as many of the area's large employers. Sustainable Fish Cities approach aims to quickly create "tipping points" by getting the majority of residents aboard simultaneously. From a trends perspective, sustainable living is stronger than ever and it's likely that initiatives like these will gain traction elsewhere.

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