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Added 24 July, 2017

Sustainability as a tourist attraction: Salmon-ladder viewing centers

A salmon ladder was opened at the Kvåsfossen waterfall in Lyngdal, Norway. As part of the ladder, an underground artificial pool was included to allow the public to see the passing salmon. Due to the public interest and for practical reasons, a visitor center was built to accommodate the public here. Up in the visitor´s centre a natural favourite with the public is the area in the centre of the building, where you can sit by the window apparently on the edge of a dramatic cliff edge. This has a lot in common with Jensen & Skodvins ”Juvet Landskapshotell” at another location in Norway (Valldal, Møre og Romsdal) and represents a further development of the close-to-nature effect applied there, whereby in this case the floor is sunk immediately in front of the window to provide a sitting place.

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