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Added 11 July, 2013

Is this the beginning of the end of tipping in restaurants?

To many people, it just doesn't make sense: Why tip a waiter in a restaurant when you don't tip most other service providers? I mean, they are just doing their jobs! Many of New York's best-known restaurateurs agree and there is a trend afoot to ban tips in their restaurants. It starts with the city's best-known restaurateur, Danny Meyer who, in response to a recent Slate piece advocating eliminating tips, tweets that he thought about abolishing tips several years ago but ended up not after servers resisted. In response, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio said that he's considering getting rid of tips at his restaurant Craft, while Momofuku's David Chang is "more than kicking around the idea," but has to figure out how to raise prices to cover service without getting backlash from customers. Is this the beginning of the end for tipping in restaurants?
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