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Added 5 May, 2015

Smartwatches now making news stories even shorter and faster

The Internet, social media and smartphones have all changed journalism and the way journalists do business. We now live in a 24-hour news cycle and stories need to be published immediately to avoid being scooped by Twitter. But as a look at any newspaper's balance sheet will tell you, traditional media outlets were slow in adapting to and taking advantage of these new platforms. Now, those same media outlets, including CNN, The New York Times and National Public Radio, are making sure they are not caught flat-footed again by getting a jump on the latest tech in the form of smartwatch journalism. News companies are racing to develop apps for the Apple Watch and other wearables that emphasize click-bait headlines and short stories, along with the ability for users to send articles to another device for reading later. Dubbed “glance journalism,” this model built around the smart watch will push the current trend in media towards even quicker reads and faster news cycles designed to keep readers in touch and in the loop.

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