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Added 30 April, 2015

Personalized medicine goes mobile

Mobile computing has already changed the way we watch TV, play games and communicate with one another. Now they are revolutionizing medicine. The American company Nanobiosym is offering a tablet called Gene-RADAR that can analyse a drop of blood or saliva to quickly diagnose diseases even before any symptoms are present. Currently in clinical trials in Rwanda, where Nanobiosym hopes to nip the next generation of HIV infections in the bud, Gene-RADAR is able to evaluate a person's DNA and levels of inflammation to offer in-depth information on a patient's state of health. Best of all, it's not only portable but works instantly, making diagnoses the same day for less money than current methods are able to. With plans to bring Gene-RADAR smartphones, wearables, ingestibles and more the health monitoring trend is about to go to the next level.

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