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Added 10 March, 2014

Online businesses emerge to provide lenses for 3D-printed eyeglasses

The retail world is changing fast. Surf the Internet and you'll find numerous businesses selling cool 3D printed items with otherworldly designs that were not very easy to create before. Eyeglasses are a good example. Hatch frames by michiel cornelissen are printed with an intriguing intricate latticework that's like no eyewear you've ever seen. But frames need lenses so a separate business has popped up that specializes in cutting personalized lenses created just for 3D printed frames. Buyers can choose from a selection of tinted corrective lenses which easily pop into the frame. Get more than one tint and you can change your look on the fly. Clearly, 3D printing and micro-customization is changing the way people shop. As technology progresses and 3D printers are able to print in even more materials, expect to see items of all types get more personalized.

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