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Added 24 September, 2013

Line between art and commerce blurs further as music videos become seamless shopping experiences

Performers signing lucrative contracts with fashion houses and other consumer brands turned music videos into long form commercials a long time ago. Now the relationship between artist and industry has become even closer and more codified with the advent of the shoppable music video. The first is a collaboration between rap sensation Iggy Azalea and SSENSE, one of Canada's largest online clothing retailers. Working with a company called wireWAX, the team created a video on which watchers can click on items, the video pauses, and a shop for the item pops up. So if you like the sunglasses that are being worn, you can click and buy them right there. Given how artists and brands are already so tightly connected, it is probable that more and more videos will become shoppable in the months and years ahead.
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