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Added 25 October, 2013

Heads up displays now incorporated into ski goggles

The wearable technology revolution keeps marching on. Google Goggles is the best known of the various offerings that are coming our way, but lots of companies see the trend coming and are creating "smart" clothes of all kinds. We have already covered "connected clothes" from smart socks and advanced baby monitors. Now the eyewear firm Oakley is getting into the mix with Airwave, an astronaut-like pair of goggles packed with sensors, computer analytics, and a heads-up display that shows you your distance, height and airtime, among other things. Incorporating GPS and connecting to your mobile device via Bluetooth, the goggles also come with mapping software, music playlist control, and other cool things that make it more like a mobile dashboard right over your eyes. As the technology, and consumer acceptance, progresses, we can expect to see people wearing smart glasses while doing sports and simply walking down the street. There is lots of hype surrounding wearable tech at the moment, but all signs point to this trend being both real and robust.
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