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Added 5 December, 2013

Life mimics digital environments with real world Instagram filters

As we spend more of our time online and integrate the looks and icons of the digital world into our collective consciousness, these things tend to change the way we look at the world in general. If you've ever seen a Google map then you are familiar with the red target pins that it uses to pinpoint the place you are looking for. Not surprisingly, those Google map "you are here" pins are showing up now in real life, along with other symbols of online environments, like Apple's "hand" cursor that seems to regularly appear in print. One of the best transliterations of digital to analog is Bruno Ribeiro's “Real Life Instagram” project, in which the artist hung physical frames in various places around London, each containing a plastic filter that mimicked those commonly found in Instagram. Asking viewers to look at the real world through Instagram eyes is a cheeky trend that connects our two "worlds." If you are an artist reading this, you might think about other ways to bring the real world to life as a way of garnering almost instant attention.
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