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Added 30 September, 2017

"Genderless" model Satsuki Nakayama finds fame with androgyny trend

Satsuki Nakayama began modeling when she was 12 years old. Androgyny is hardly a new trend in fashion. Twiggy caused a craze in Britain during the 1960s when she cut her hair short, and David Bowie’s androgynous style was a major influence on pop culture. Recently, thanks to a more open way of thinking when it comes to gender fluidity, androgynous models have been major hits on the catwalk — from Andreja Pejic to Rain Dove. recently there has been a trend toward androgynous style in Tokyo’s youth fashion culture under the term “jendaresu-kei” (“genderless style”), particularly when it comes to kawaii boys. The streets of Harajuku and, to some extent, TV variety shows have become populated with young men experimenting with make-up, pastel-colored hair and cute Instagram poses. Models such as Toman Sasaki, Ryucheru and Genking have led the way, inspiring teens to change the way they think about fashion.

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