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Added 5 January, 2018

Lab-Grown Tuna Will Cost the Same as Wild-Caught by 2019

A company called Finless Foods has set its sights on revolutionizing seafood by focusing on making a cultured version of Bluefin tuna. Essentially, their product is real tuna meat that is grown in a lab and harvested, rather than the product of killing a live fish. Finless Foods announced they have cut production costs by half since last month and hope to be price competitive with real Bluefin tuna by 2019. “Our ultimate goal is to bring the price down so that consumers can have a choice of cheap albacore or skipjack tuna or our high-quality bluefin tuna without any contaminants, for the same price,” co-founder and CEO Mike Selden told Food Navigator USA. Finless Foods uses cellular technology, where the team works with a cell type from fish muscle and then isolates the cells they are looking for to grow a new piece of fish. The company is currently looking into commercial-scale production facilities to help bring their product to restaurants and grocery stores,

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