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Added 5 May, 2013

Mustache mania is a facial hair fad in full swing

At WikiTrend we consider most current fashion to be fads, which, unlike trends, are just quickly passing and not something that is really changing culture. As such, we don't cover fads much, but sometimes we see something that tickles our fancy, like the current mustache mania that is spreading as fast and as wide as the fuzz on the mugs of stylish young men. “The mustache trend is definitely a hipster influence and also part of the steam punk movement — Victorian inspired, but with a sense of whimsy,” says Roseanne Morrison of New York's Tobe agency, which advises retail stores on the hottest trends for their racks and shelves. But you can remain cleanshaven — and be female — and still wear a dash of 'stache via mustache prints that have taken over stickers, magnets, clothing, housewares and even baby pacifiers.
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