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Added 16 September, 2013

Fast food gets faster as McDonald's lets you order and pay before you even go

Fast food is just not fast enough for some people, as evidenced by the debut of a new technology from McDonald's that lets Americans order and pay for Big Macs and other items from their mobile phones. McDonald's is currently testing a mobile payment application in Salt Lake City and in Austin, Texas. After ordering via a mobile phone, customers can pick up food in stores, curbside or at drive-thru windows. In short, the company is looking for ways to make it easier for diners to get their food. Chipotle Mexican Grill already has a mobile ordering app and Burger King is offering a delivery service in some U.S. cities. As we move towards a cashless society, the app appeals to those who use their phones for everything (read: Millennial and teenagers) and to the increase in speed of culture in general.
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