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Added 13 April, 2015

Phone jammers are taking back the dinner table

As technology takes over our lives, an increasing number of businesses are imposing limits on the use of various devices on their premises. First it was cell phone use, in cinemas and theatres. Now phones are being banned in many waiting rooms and at café cash registers. Can't you just buy a coffee without having your phone up to your ear, people?! The worst offenders, in the minds of many parents, however, are children sitting at dinner tables who just can't seem to put their phones down. Australian pasta sauce maker Dolmio has responded to this challenge by creating an ordinary-looking pepper grinder embedded with a hidden jamming device. The grinder is designed to be placed on the table. When it is twisted, the jammer secretly shuts down all electronic devices in the vicinity. How long until we see people wielding "pepper mills" on trains and other public spaces in which annoyingly loud phone talkers congregate?

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