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Added 1 April, 2018

In Europe, Carrefour is using blockchain to offer full transparency chickens

Consumers that want to know everything about the chicken they eat will rejoice at Carrefour’s latest addition, because it will detail everything about the origin of its private label chicken thanks to blockchain technology. Whoever is concerned about the Auvergne-based chicken’s cycle before it arrives in the supermarket, can easily track that soon: Carrefour will place all the information on the label, from where it was bred, what it ate and where it was slaughtered. Every step in the supply chain (breeder, processor, butcher, …) will need to register their information in a fraud-proof and secured database, namely blockchain. The difference between a traditional database and blockchain is that the latter does not store the information centrally and that no one has access to all the data. That means that neither Carrefour nor someone in the supply chain can intervene. Consumers will be able to access that information thanks to a QR code on the label. When it comes to Carrefour’s Auvergne chicken, the consumer will be able to see where and how it was bred, that it eats grain and French soy and that it did not receive any antibiotics (if everything goes well).

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