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Added 15 September, 2013

Is edible algae the future of urban rooftop farming?

Now that rooftop farming is firmly entrenched in contemporary culture, people are getting even more creative about the possibilities of what can be done up there. We've seen beekeeping operations and even goats on roofs. Now in Bangkok they are farming spirulina, an edible algae super food with a high protein content and a complete compliment of vitamins and minerals. Energaia, the company responsible for this endeavor is taking advantage of that city's heat and sunlight to produce barrels of green liquid that is transforming previously unusable rooftops into massive urban farms. Often used in smoothies and other health drinks, spirulina can also be the main ingredient of pastas and as an alternative to meat. The company is partnering with local hotels and building owners in Bangkok to grow their operations in what we predict will become a worldwide phenomenon.
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