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Added 25 April, 2015

Big brand tie-ups are the future of retail

As we've pointed out many times, numerous retailers the world over are looking to turn themselves into lifestyle brands that escape product typecasting to supply their customers with all manner of goods and services that fit into consumers', well, lifestyle. Problem is, most brands just do the one thing they do well. The answer to this challenge is coming in the form of brand tie-ups, in which retailers make their stores more fun and inviting, while, hopefully selling more stuff. Big-box bookstores have included in-store cafes for years. More recently, other retailers, like Club Monaco have invited their own coffee shops, and even the Gap is now selling third-party books it their stores. One of the most interesting tie-ups as late comes from the Uniqlo clothing brand which is now bringing Starbucks into their stores to keep customers captivated and caffeinated. With any luck, they’ll buy some clothes, too. Not to be outdone by Macy’s, Target, and Barnes and Noble, all of which have hooked-up with Starbucks move already, Uniqlo is upping the ante with comfortable lounge areas that invite loitering. What’s more, Uniqlo in New York City has also partnered with the Museum of Modern Art and are selling recognizable pieces of art printed on t-shirts and bags. Expect a lot more unusual and promising retail collaborations.

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