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Added 13 January, 2014

The cashless economy gets closer with Coin

The trend away from cash may be moving towards contactless mobile payments, but then again, maybe not. The process has been slow-going, with relitively few people adopting Google Wallet and other mobile-based payment systems. In the meantime, plastic credit cards contine to reign supreme. Problem is that credit cards are so successful that many people have wallets that are bulging with them. Why carry so many plastic cards when the only part of them that actually does anything is the magnetic strip or the smart chip? Coin is a new product that is answering this problem by letting its users store multiple credit, debit, and gift card numbers in a single, slim piece of plastic. Created to be the same size as a standard credit card, Coin contains a little computer and a tiny screen that mimics all your current cards. When you are ready to pay, just tell Coin which of your cards you would like it to be, swipe it through the store's credit card reader. Plus, if you accidently leave the card behind, it will alert you through your mobile device.
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