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Added 27 September, 2013

Will smartphone breathalyzers change the way we drink?

We've written quite a bit on WikiTrend about the mobile phone attachment trend, in which we are seeing all manner of clever gadgets you can connect to your mobile device. And while many of these are practical and innovative, and make carrying stand-alone devices obsolete, few have the power to change culture like the mobile breathalyzer attachment. Unlike Europe, where drinking and driving is strictly verboten, in the United States, drivers are allowed to drink a little bit before they get behind the wheel. Problem is, it's almost impossible for drinkers to know whether their blood alcohol level is above or below the allowable line. Unless you have a breathalyzer, that is. The Breathometer, a new mobile phone attachment, is just such a device. About the size of a key fob, it attaches to a smartphone through the audio jack and has a mouthpiece that users can blow into. This device, and the slew of other that are sure to follow, have the ability to change culture by changing the way American's drink. Will checking blood alcohol levels, and adjusting one's drinking to accommodate the numbers become the Next Big Thing?
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