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Added 10 January, 2018

A trend too far? voice-controlled kitchen sinks

You wouldn’t think a domestic task like doing the dishes would require the intervention of smart home technology, but Delta Faucet is jumping into the market with a new smart faucet that responds to users’ voices. The appliance combines two proven platforms —Amazon’s Alexa voice-driven digital assistant and Delta’s Touch2O Technology faucets. Smart faucets have been slowly making their way into smart home portfolios for some time, equipped with temperature gauges and efficiency sensors that make it easy for family members to monitor and control how much water they use in the kitchen or the bathroom. The Delta Touch2O faucet registers voice commands via Alexa, allowing users to turn water on or off, measure water quantity, and even warm water. Delta’s solution allows users to continue working while the faucet seamlessly and accurately controls water via a Wi-Fi connection.

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