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Added 13 March, 2019

Robots taking our jobs: Autonomous snowblowers

If there’s one thing that many northern cities need, it’s help in snow removal. That’s likely why Colorado-based Left Hand Robotics is currently sold out of its SnowBot Pro, which autonomously brushes snow off of sidewalks while avoiding pedestrians. Users start by walking the path that they wish the SnowBot to travel, carrying a Path Collection Tool with them as they do so. This records the path as a series of GPS waypoints, which are uploaded to the cloud-based Robot Operations Center (ROC). There, the GPS data is transformed into a “path program,” utilizing technology developed by Swift Navigation. When it’s time for the SnowBot to take action, it accesses the ROC and downloads that program. An integrated inertial measurement unit (a combination accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) also helps it to stay properly oriented. And should its two LiDAR sensors and six cameras detect any obstacles in its path, the bot will automatically stop.

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