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Added 28 August, 2013

Will wearing headphones at concerts become the new normal?

Umphrey's McGee, an American progressive rock band, is now offering fans at their concerts the opportunity to wear headphones that are wirelessly connected to the engineer's soundboard. The goal is to provide pristine sound through an audiophile quality headset. Concert-goers are fitted with a Sennheisser in-ear monitor wireless pack and high fidelity Audio-Technica headphones, which is the same technology that the band is using. In some ways, this seems to us like the "silent disco" fad of a few years ago, when dancers all wore their own headphones. Isn't a concert supposed to be about hearing great sound from giant speakers and sharing it with your friends? But in an age in which many people go through life wearing headphones, perhaps wearing them at actual concerts is simply a natural extension of where this trend is headed.
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