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Added 1 November, 2013

Is quinoa vodka a spirit too far?

Food and beverage companies often jump on fads quickly in hope of making a quick buck before the fickle market changes its mind. Another strategy is to put lots of products into the marketplace with the knowledge that most of them will fail, but a few will become hits. Fair Quinoa Vodka apparently looked at the market and decided to through the entire list of food fads into the same bottle. First, it's made with the trendy grain quinoa. Second, it is called "Fair" and is Fair Trade Certified, meaning that they promise to pay their Bolivian farmers living wages. And, of course, it's gluten free. We're seeing lots of beverages these days that are incorporating trendy, sustainable, organic ingredients. While we can't say which of these offerings will become successful, we can be certain that the healthful, local, artisanal trends are as strong and getting stronger. Watch this space for more like this.
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