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Added 28 April, 2015

Philippines museum celebrates selfies

If you’ve been to a museum in North America or Europe lately, you may have noticed signs banning those popular selfie sticks. And we are seeing endless media stories linking selfies to an unhealthy self-reverence, creating a backlash against the recent selfie obsession. Because you’re a selfie fanatic yourself, you probably getting a bit worried. But have no fear, there are still plenty of places to take your own photo. One of the best is the Art in Island museum in the Philippines, a cool interactive art museum in which photos are not only permitted, but encouraged. The museum displays large-scale replicas of age-old classics – think Starry Night – and transforms them into participatory 3D experiences. Rather than simply viewing the art in a stiff and sober atmosphere, here you’re expected to get creative, get involved and maybe come out of the experience with some art of your own.

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