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Added 18 July, 2017

Smart Sensors Take Major League Sports to the Ultimate Analytics Age

The Blast Baseball system consists of both hardware and software. The physical device itself is a small sensor that attaches to the knob of any baseball bat via a form-fitting rubber cap. No bigger than one's thumb, players will hardly notice the sensor once it's affixed to their bat, but it can track a host of key advanced metrics like swing speed, bat path angle, time to contact, and more. The system's software can then keep track of this information, logging it in Blast Motion's app and tracking players' progress over time. And beyond raw numbers, Blast Baseball's Smart Video Capture technology lets coaches and players use their smartphones to record automated slow-motion footage so they can analyze their form in detail as well. Blast Baseball's analytics are currently being used by teams in the MLB, including the league-leading Houston Astros. Carlos Correa, the team's young shortstop and a 2017 MLB All-Star Game starter, has nothing but praise for system, saying, "It helps me throughout the year to stay consistent with my swing and get better every single day."

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