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Added 5 August, 2017

Clothes-dispensing vending machines pop up in airports

Uniqlo's airport vending machine will help correct your packing errors Ever arrive at the airport and only then realise you forgot to pack your coat? Or wished you’d packed a warmer shirt? Japanese retailer Uniqlo’s new vending machines might offer the ideal solution for such dilemmas.
The Uniqlo To Go machine, the first of which was launched at California’s Oakland International Airport this week, allows travellers to purchase one of the brand’s signature Heattech thermal tops and Ultralight down jackets at the touch of a button, therefore eliminating the need to queue in a shop.
Customers can use a touchscreen to select their clothing of choice, along with their preferred size and colour. Each of the items, which are designed to be warm yet lightweight and easy to pack, is then dispensed from the six-foot-high machines in small boxes or cans.

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