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Added 16 September, 2013

Fresh food trend: Restaurant only cooks food the same day it's harvested

Locavorism: eating local or hyper-local food that is harvested nearby has taken the foodie world by storm. But that doesn't always mean that the vegetables from the restaurant's roof garden were harvested that day. Now De Kas Restaurant and Nursery in Amsterdam is taking this trend to the extreme with a commitment to the freshest dishes possible, harvested from their on-site greenhouses and garden near the restaurant where they grow Mediterranean vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. Harvesting in the field takes place at sunrise every day so that the restaurant’s guests can enjoy the freshest possible ingredients. Best of all, from May to October, diners are welcome to tour the nursery and garden or even attend a workshop in the field. How can the local and fresh food trend get even more extreme? Let us know!
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