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Added 2 March, 2014

Hotel chain differentiates itself through health and fitness

Hotels are good bellwethers of what the traveling public is looking for. Each needs to differentiate itself from its competition, but sometimes there seems to be too few things that separate one chain from another. You have traditional business hotels, and ones that are somewhat more stylish. You have luxury properties and those that are more basic. Now, Even Hotels, the newest brand created by InterContinental Hotels Group (ICH) is rolling out a line of wellness-focused properties in North America that aim to help guests live healthfully while traveling. In short, ICH sees a market demand for health and wellness that has only recently become strong enough to make such an investment possible. From a trends perspective, we are seeing many businesses across the industrial spectrum focus on wellness lately to attract customers. To that end, Even Hotels features in-room training areas and healthy mini-bar snacks, and fitness centers that are as much as four times larger than similar spaces in other hotels. The mainstreaming of healthy lifestyles continues.
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