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Added 14 April, 2015

Health and wellness monitors are now going to your brain

We are entering the Decade of the Brain. Knowledge of how our own brains function is expanding at a record pace and companies and entrepreneurs are finding innovative ways to give us regular people insight into the way our own heads work. Los Angeles-based Melon, for example, is finding ways to combine scientific developments with the latest technology. Their produce? A small plastic headband that monitors your brain’s electrical activity and transmits that information wirelessly via a mobile app on your phone. Melon’s app allows users to see which behaviors benefit focus, and which ones make you want to snap your pen in half. Ideally, it will then help you change your behavior for the better. Melon takes the trend of brain games and training websites like Lumosity one giant leap further by offering immediate brain-activity feedback. We are at the forefront of a major trend in which brain monitoring and training will literally help us change our minds.

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