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Added 8 July, 2013

In China, back-to-school facelifts are a growing trend

While most college freshmen are busy buying books and stationery, a growing number of Chinese teens are opting for plastic surgery to get ahead when the new semester starts. Following the end of college entrance exams on June 8th, plastic surgeons reported a staggering rise in the number of youngsters going under the knife, Wuhan based Changjiang Daily reported Thursday. Tongji, Union, and Tianyou hospitals in Wuhan, Hubei province have received quadruple the number of patients for plastic surgery. Seventy percent of them are senior high students. Most of the procedures students opt for are facial reshaping, including double-eyelid surgery and nose jobs. Eighty percent of the students who have plastic surgeons are girls believe it will improve their chances of snaring a husband.
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