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Added 25 September, 2013

Burger King's new Satisfries reflect the chain's desire to profit from healthier food trends

The American fast-food chain has just debuted a new fried potato-like product meant to satisfy consumers' desire for more healthful eating. Satisfries are basically highly-processes french fries, created from a potato batter that has less porousness than plain sliced potatoes, and therefore drinks up less oil when fried. While the resulting product is still far from healthful, it offers diners a less guilty pleasure. But will it fly? French fries are one of the top selling items in fast food burger restaurants, so in raw numbers the Satisfry is likely to be a big seller. One thing is for certain: fast food restaurants have had relatively weak sales in recent years and need to get on-trend to win more customers. The turn towards more healthful eating is a huge trend that will just be getting more so. While Satisfries are no kale chips, they are a good direction for a fast food chain that is looking to make its menu seem healthier, while still catering to its core customers.
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