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Added 16 September, 2013

Healthful drinking: Is organic Cachaca pushing a bit too far?

We've seen organic beers and wines, and even some vodkas. But is organic Cachaca really necessary? The distillate, a native of Brazil, is the main ingredient in a properly made caipirinha. But chances are, if you are knocking back caipirinhas that your body's health is not paramount. And does alcohol made from organically grown sugars and grains really matter anyway? No matter, because that's not what WikiTrend is about. Here we talk about trends and there is no doubt that organic everything continues to entice shoppers, whether it makes intellectual sense or not (see the gluten-free fad). Of course, Abelha Cachaca is not just a "premium" alcohol, but it stays on-trend by also being small-batch and ethically produced. The fact that companies are producing organic Cachaca points to both the depth and breadth of this trend, one that will not only be with us for the rest of our lives, but will get even more so.
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