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Added 7 May, 2015

Bass Egg: Audiophiles are now taking their music with them

People who love music have always had to make a choice: either stay at home and hear great sound, or pack the travel speakers and sacrifice quality for light weight. While digital music has made our favorite songs a lot more portable, many of us end up listening on tiny laptop or smartphone speakers with less-than-optimum sound quality. Decent portable speakers could solve the problem, but many of them deliver the same tinny and unsatisfying sound quality. A host of new products are breaking that mold by offering great sound from tiny speakers. The best and boldest of these is Bass Egg, an amazing speaker that turns almost anything it sits on into a loud, bass-driven speaker. The Bass Egg is basically a vibrating speaker containing everything except the speaker cones themselves. Instead, it almost magically sends vibrations from the tunes you’re playing into whatever surface it’s been placed upon, turning it into a giant speaker as if it was bestowing a Midas touch of golden sound. Connected to portable music players via Bluetooth, the Bass Egg emits different quality sounds depending on the surface it is placed on, be it glass, wood, plastic or porcelain. Traveling audiophiles rejoice: We are entering a new era in high-quality portable sound.

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